Falgrim Sneeg


Falgrim Sneeg is an older Varisian with graying hair and an unruly beard. A former boarder scout, he possesses an unnerving calm in the face of violence. Falgrim is an experienced woodsman and tracker, with some skill in the handling of dangerous beasts.


An ex-soldier who betrayed his squad, and turned bandit. Life as a bandit was good for Falgrim, he enjoyed the notoriety within the band as a skilled woodsman and animal tamer, yet he never reached for a position of command. This suddenly changed for Falgrim the night the Companions attacked the fort and slew the Stag Lord…Falgrim was the only one to escape the slaughter. In a panicked burst of strength he was able to raise the gates to the fort just high enough to roll under. Fleeing, he discovered the horses of the Companions, stole the pack horse, and another for himself, and fled into the night.

The companions gave chase, and by sacrificing the pack animal, Falgrim was able to create enough of a lead to make his escape…..for now

Falgrim Sneeg

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