Jhod Kavken

Priest of Erastil


As an enthusiastic young priest, Jhod felt it his duty to act when the people of his town came under attack by a vicious werewolf. He led the mob as they sought out and lynched a stranger who had recently come to town. By a twist of fate in the same day a cunning worg was trapped and killed, and upon investigation was the true monster behind the attacks. Only the fact that the dead stranger was also a bandit scout was all that saved Jhod from being excomunicated. Instead he was banished, and sent into the world to find his own way.

From that day forward Jhod experienced strange dreams of a lost temple being guarded by a corrupted bear. He wandered aimlessly, never able to rest as the summons from Erastil pushed him ever forward. Eventually he arrived at a small trading post, it was here that he met a party of adventurers; it wasn’t until he joined them that the dreams finally stopped.

Jhod Kavken

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