kobold of the Sootscale tribe


A kobold with dark dusty colored scales.


Mikmek is a member of the Sootscale Tribe. Until recently the trip was under the evil ruler-ship of the cruel sorcerer Tartuk, and his evil statue of the devil sharptooth. Then one day, after eating too many moon radishes; Mikmek and his friends were surprised by a party of traveling adventurers. They were even more surprised when they were allowed to leave without being killed. On their way home they were ambushed by their enemies the mites (Tartuk had started a war between the kobolds and the mites). Mikmek was facing a grim death by torture deep inside the mites burrow when he was suddenly (and again surprisingly) rescued by the very same adventurers who had let him go earlier. Helping the party vanquish the mites, Mikmek led the adventurers (and the recovered statue of the devil known as sharptooth) back to the den. Wislying bringing the party to the Chief instead of Tartuk, they were able to break the curse of Sharptooth, and to slay the vile Tartuk. Mikmek and the Sootscale Tribe are now allies with the Adventurers.


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